In addition to our daily scheduled classes we also offer semi-private or group training programs for members that want to work out with a smaller group. These groups include:

  • Boot camps: This outdoor program is offered 3 times a week for four weeks. Push yourself above and beyond your limits and watch the transformation happen!20150916_064012
  • Triathlon Training: Training for a race? Join our team! Add this program once a week to your training regimen and improve the speed, endurance and the strength you need to shave seconds off your time!


  • Self Defense: Build confidence and gain the knowledge and skills you need to protect yourself. Learn the basics of martial arts, boxing, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu all while building strength and endurance.


  • Weight loss programs – X-treme fit: Accountability is key so we give homework in this program! This six week cardio intense weight loss program not only focuses on the physical but the mental. From food journals to fitness logs. Develop the discipline to make these healthy habits a part of your life for lasting results!