Open Gym
Equipment includes cardio machines, kettle bells, free weights, battle ropes, TRX©, isometric and plyometric exercise tools including resistance bands, medicine balls, heavy bags and associated boxing equipment. When there are scheduled group trainings, some of these tools may not be available. Members have full access to the facility during non class hours.


  • Ab Blast
    30 minute non stop core workout. Short and sweet but designed to get results!
  • Boxing Basics
    Fun and functional! This beginner level boxing class will teach you proper form and technique while burning calories the whole way through.
  • Butts-N-Guts
    30 minute routine designed to sculpt, lift and tighten those hard to reach areas. Get ready to turn some heads!
  • Cardio Blast
    Fast paced cardio intensive circuit designed for the maximum calorie burn!
  • Cardio Box
    Punches in Bunches! Train like the pros! Punch and jab your way through this workout. Heavy bags, focus mitts, jump ropes. No better stress relieving workout!
  • H.I.I.T
    Fun and fast paced Interval training at its best. Not a lot of breaks but watch the time FLY BY!
  • Kickboxing
    60 minutes of real martial arts movements. This popular class will have you Punching and kicking your way to a toner tougher you!
  • Sculpt
    Targeted to tone and tighten specific body parts through isolated weight training.
  • Sports Conditioning
    No matter your sport this fun and functional class will help your speed, strength, balance and agility. Take your game to the next level!
  • Total Body Impact
    The complete full body workout mixing weights, cardio and functional movements. You name it, we work it!